The With Love and Gratitude Team:  A team of dedicated light workers, each with their own special gifts, acting in unison for the sole purpose of uplifting the spirit. The team works in the moment without attachment or judgment, to heal and bring peace, harmony and joy and to all they encounter.

With Love and Gratitude serves to manifest the intention and desire to share love and gratitude. With Love and Gratitude is completely not for profit.
Leslie Gabriele, the founder, is an "energetic catalyst" who can help people realize more of themselves. Although trained in multiple healing modalities, Leslie’s work is guided in the moment, done without attachment.

I use to believe I was a human being having a human experience.
Next I believed I was a human being having a spiritual experience.
Then I believed I was a spiritual being
having a human experience.
Now I sense I am awareness experiencing itself
as a human being by being human.

With Love and Gratitude
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